Kalamos is the largest of a fringe of small islands located in the region of Lefkada. The island’s dramatic landscape combines high peaks and steep slopes ending to the coast which are surrounded by the boundless blue of the sea.The island of Kalamos combines green with shady, clean beaches and incredibly clear waters. The unique nature and the environment travel the visitor to past times.On the island, there are two settlements, the namesake village of Kalamos that has about 600 residents and the village of Episkopi, where about 100 residents live.

The pine forest, covering the north and east sides of Kalamos, is one of the rarest and is dense, lush and hosts many species of birds.The pebbles, the crystal clear waters and the access from the sea are the features of the island’s beaches, with the most famous of them to be Myrtia, Asprogyali, Agrapidia, Pefki and Kefali.